Some family films

My father loved his cine camera and made some silent family films. After he died I found some of the reels which I had converted to video. Some are shown in an appropriate place in his story and the others are here.

As this first film is actually called ‘Daddy buys a cine camera’ then, I guess, it was his first. It seems to have been made about 1956.

This next on is entitled ‘Bound for Salahuddin’ , an Iraqi province.

Then there is ‘The Wishing Shoes’ – some amateur dramatics and a fairy tale.

Next is ‘A visit to Rome’.

Then there’s a film of a trip to Turkey and Greece.

Then there is a compilation of family holidays in England and France in the 1960s.


There is a short film of Montmartre in 1968.

Silver and Pussy-Wee go to the circus >>>